Advanced CAE, formerly known as Control And Applications Asia Pte Ltd, was established in May 1987 to promote the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and service of process analyser system. After 30 years of experience in supplying turnkey measurement solutions to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals & Chemicals industries, Advanced CAE companies remained as a service focused Packaged Analyser Solution Specialist. Tapping on our experience and technological know-how, we design and build analyser systems that are proven to be reliable and accurate in the field.

Advanced CAE Analyser Systems are custom designed to suit any combination of analytical equipment. Advanced CAE is an independent system manufacturer; we are not bound by equipment vendors or tasked with selling one particular brand over another. This enables us to provide users with the best performing equipment available for their specific applications regardless of the analyser or equipment manufacturers.

Our analyser systems cover the complete installation range, from walk-in ventilated, air-conditioned houses and cabinets, to simple rack mounted analysers for field installations. Each installation method is fully thought through to offer the best value to the end user. Advanced CAE takes into account total life cycle costs, future maintenance and servicing requirements, the life time of the analyser and the application before offering a solution. Advanced CAE take the extra steps required to ensure that process analyser systems are reliable and accurate in the field.

All projects are managed by Advanced CAE’s team of professional Project Managers. Management of the project is undertaken using the latest software tools and processes to ensure projects by Advanced CAE are delivered on time and at the agreed budget. Project Managers are supported by Project Engineers and our Production Supervisors. Project engineers have been trained and mentored for many years and are able to handle all aspects of analyser installation and design. From technical audits of existing analyser installation or reviews of process models, to the recommendation of new analysers or sample handling systems. Our goal is to increase measurement availability while reducing cost of ownership, so as to allow our clients to capture more of the process control benefits offered by reliable analyser systems.

In our manufacturing facilities, all completed analyser systems are subjected to strict Quality Control and testing to ensure the systems meet designed performance requirements. Each individual instrument is checked with synthetic blend samples for proper analytical operation and may run for extended periods to confirm stability and repeatable results.