CAE Control manufactures packaged equipment houses for the oil gas and petrochemical industries. Houses are manufactured by CAE to our own exacting standards, or customised to customer requirements, meeting and very often exceeding customer and locally imposed standards. We can offer a complete turnkey project, or, partner with a DCS supplier. DCS cabinets can be free issued for integration into the house or CAE can integrate free issued DCS components into cabinets at our factory.

Houses can be supplied with gas and fire detection and automatic suppressant systems. Full Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) including the DCS and house safeguarding and utilities can be carried out at our factory. Houses are built in road transportable modules for ease of shipping and assembled at site. All modules are factory constructed and tested as a full assembly before packing and shipping. Equipment houses (FAR, CER, LCC) are rapidly becoming the preferred method of project execution allowing fully tested control systems that are available at site, when the project requires, with minimum installation time. Once at site CAE can provide on site services for reassembling the modules, connection of site cables, commissioning, site acceptance testing, and later maintenance services for the equipment rooms and instrumentation.