Advanced CAE, we believe in doing things right the first time. Which is why our comprehensive concept and front-end engineering design (FEED) studies are conducted by applying standardised procedures and best practices. This critical project stage lays the groundwork for follow-on detailed design and construction.

Our concept and FEED services include the following:

  • Preliminary engineering & feasibility studies
  • Standard Measurement Concept development & alternatives evaluation
  • Siting identification & evaluation
  • Project & scope definition review
  • Cost estimating & schedule development
  • Identification & investigation of long lead items
  • Hazard & operability studies / hazard identification

With experienced Instrumentation and analyser engineers becoming a rare commodity CAE has available skilled professionals in a diverse range of disciplines to help you define your measurement project scope. CAE’s engineers are among the industry’s most experienced and, with our high retention rates, provide a work team that is consistent from one project to the next. In addition our engineering teams are complemented by a highly trained cadre of specialists who fully understand operations, materials, safety and environmental requirements and other important facets of your project.

Are you an EPC putting a bid together and need specialists in process analyzer technology? Most process analyzer systems are purchased through EPC contractors and designed by the instrument department. CAE are able to boost an EPC’s capability by contracting out an experienced systems engineer to design and write the specifications for the analyser systems and analysers.