Advanced CAE, the expert manufacturer of Process Analyzer Systems to measure chemical and physical properties of gas and liquid streams.

Advanced CAE designs and assembles complete measurement solutions taking into account the process requirements, customer specifications, sample properties and the analyzer requirements, in order to: repeatedly and accurately measure the process sample. Advanced CAE designs, ensure, that the system is built with the end user in mind, considering life cycle and maintenance issues from the initial concept, and throughout design development. Our team of engineers around the globe share experience and are continuously given opportunities to keep up to date with developments, in the analyzers, systems design, process and new components in the market. This ensures that Advanced CAE can offer the best solution to the customer, taking into account the best available technology and without any commercial ties to one or other supplier.

Advanced CAE can offer a variety of housings for the analyzer systems including Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Glass Reinforced Plastic and Concrete. Analyzer houses and enclosures can be designed to NFPA 496, IEC 61285 or any other commonly available standard. Advanced CAE has standard analyzer enclosures with and without air conditioners and three sided walk in shelter designs. Unique to Advanced CAE is that we have our own range of sample system components which we have developed over the years to fit customer and our own specialist requirements. In addition all of our shelters are designed and built in house to proprietary Advanced CAE standards by our own team of fabricators. This enables us to control all aspects of the fabrication and results in shelters, houses and systems with a superior finish. We have service and small systems capacity located close to clusters of oil and gas end users, and also global size factories in Singapore and Shanghai for large scale integration projects.