Typically, most projects do not require a full-time analyser engineer. The advantage of a consulting contract is the user gains access to these specialized skills at the exact time they are needed, without high personnel costs.

As we do not manufacture the individual analysers, our proposals and recommendations are always entirely objective and are based on proven previous experience with most available instruments. A consulting engagement may address a well-defined problem, such as a sample system that does not work or a specific analytical requirement. Our engineers will help to formulate design philosophies appropriate to the user’s objective with the following considerations:-

  • Analysis Application
  • Selection of Analyser
  • Sample Sampling / Return Point
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Communication Protocol

Our analyser specialist is able to conduct a technical audit of existing analyser installations, including review of the process model. This way they can make recommendations as to where new analysers or sampling systems will increase measurement availability and hence capture more of the process control benefits. They also help user engineers to optimize sample tap locations, analyser locations, analyser specification and computer interfacing software.