Field Service and Maintenance is an essential and integral part of our corporate philosophy and success as a business entity. Over the years, we have built a strong service department comprising more than twenty service personnel.

Advance CAE service personnel are highly skilled and trained in the setup, use and maintenance of most major analyser products; they are also trained on analyser system houses complete with HVAC and PLC system. By training our service personnel to be familiar and proficient with various brands we pass savings onto our customers, who no longer have to call a separate consultant for each brand of analyser they use. Our services include three categories namely, start-up assistance, service contract maintenance and corrective maintenance.

Site Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning and Start-up Services

Start-up assistance can be provided on an on-call basis throughout Asia, the Middle East & Australia. Advanced CAE will assign an experienced engineer on-site to do a preliminary site acceptance test prior to commissioning the analyser system on process stream.

Service Contract Maintenance

After commissioning, we are able to continue offering further services in the area of Routine Preventive Maintenance. This is provided on a resident or visiting contract basis to ensure efficient analyser system operation. Maintenance programs will be customized and carried out in accordance to end-user’s requirements, manufacturers’ specifications, system configuration and required repairs. By doing so, our ability to support the products we supplied beats that of the majority of our competitors. We have also managed several service maintenance contracts within the region.

On Call Services

Corrective maintenance can be provided on an on-call basis throughout Asia, Middle East and Australia.

Repair / Calibration

We have the test facilities to repair & calibrate all types or brands of process and portable analyzer with synthetic calibration blends as in accordance to ISO 9001 Quality Standards.

Third Party Inspection at Manufacturer’s Facility

This is an extended service which Advanced CAE is offering to all customers & end users. We have the qualified personnel to perform inspection trips to witness the final test and check out on the customer’s behalf. Naturally, the clients can also be present during the inspection if they desire.

Field Installation / Supervision

Advanced CAE is able to deploy the qualified personnel necessary to oversee job-site installation of the Analyser System throughout the construction stages. The personnel may include just the site supervisor of a team of pipe fitters and/or electricians.

Site supervision may include uploading house, cubicles and panels to install on concrete pads, organizing and identifying loose assemblies and interpreting drawings for field personnel, etc.

Site installation includes running analyser sample and return lines, mounting, piping and wiring field mounted analyser and sample systems.